Abusive Mushroom Project

Welcome to the Abusive Mushroom Project, a project that I started in order to counter some of the exhibition proposals in art galleries. I am convinced that artists and gallerists have not been able to be united in the great change that occurred with the arrival of web virtual. The result has been a great circuit of selections and exhibition proposals with unforeseeable costs (a problem that also exists in the world of music and literature).

My project is a response to this system. It aims to emphasize that we, the artists, know the true value of art and should focus on art for art’s sake.

Abusive Mushroom is, therefore, my own personal journey designed to provide art spaces and events, free of commercial constraints. Since 2011, I have dedicated time and resources to a special form of exhibition: “la semina dei funghi” (literally, “the planting of mushrooms”). I create works of art whose subject is a mushroom (a symbol that I have been drawing since my childhood) and I deliver them to urban areas around the world. I began by “dropping” my works in European capital cities and from 2013 went global.

The abandoned artwork comes with a letter designating the reader as the ‘Owner’ of the Mushroom and turning him/her into an ‘Accidental Collector’. I ask them to explain how they found the artwork on the website (www.abusivemushroom.com), where I document every piece I leave.

Later in the project, photography has also been included. The photo section adds another symbol to the project, it is the model Adam. A trans boy, a metaphor of the nature of mushrooms that are neither vegetable (without photosynthesis) nor animal.

A network of strong relationships has grown around this “artistic movement”, as evidenced by the stories published on the website.


The Abusive Mushroom Project will interact with the world for at least another 10 years, its aim being to create a stir and promote this form of non-violent protest.