I’ve always had a certain appeal: could it be my tang or that you need some shrewdness as I’m not easy to find...

The Mushroom

Abusive Mushroom Project

Everything starts by the perception of being a small spongy box in which each piece has been contained with a complicated and graceful digestion. And here it goes the need of empty myself from each pore of my skin!!! Here it goes to the immediacy where erasures or mistakes do not exist, but everything remains tunefully protagonist. Wonder of Wonders a piece of work has born as an heritage of a cycle or of an existence phase!

Manuel Riccardi

I believe in what I feel… I paint

The Abusive Mushroom is an ART for FREE Project. I paint mushrooms who will then be abandoned around the world as a sign of art for everyone: ART for FREE. Anyone who finds those mushrooms has the right to collect it and bring it home.. but pls let me know where this piece of art goes… It will be my pleasure to know you have it and have appreciated this project.

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The mushroom

I’ve always had a certain appeal: could it be my tang or that you need some shrewdness  as I’m not easy to find,  could it be that since primordial times I’ve always symbolized  a phallic token…..or the reckoning all these that make me acclaimed as  a treasured fruit.

The mushroom

Ho sempre suscitato un certo fascino:
sarà che piace il mio sapore, sarà che occorre qualche astuzia perchè non è facile trovarmi, sarà che fin dalle antiche civiltà, ho sempre rappresentato un simbolo fallico…….sarà forse la somma di tutti questi motivi che vengo lodato come un prezioso frutto della natura.
Il fungo
“He suscitado siempre cierta fascinación. Será porque gusta mi sabor, será porque se necesita cierta astucia para encontrarme, será porque desde finales de la Antigüedad, he rapresentado a un símbolo fálico, será porque la suma de todos estos motivos me han convertido en un precioso fruto de la naturaleza.
El hongo. La seta.
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